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USB PD specifications V1.3

March 12, 2014

New USB Power Delivery Specification (Rev. 1.0, Version 1.3, Including Errata through March 11, 2014) has been just released. Check it out.


A new USB Power Delivery Device from Etron

January 8, 2014

The 2014 is just started, bringing new products for the USB Power Delivery Standard. And the CES 2014 in Las Vegas is the greatest event for such announcements.

Etron Technology, Inc. , a semiconductor  company based in Taiwan, specializing in buffer memory and system-on-chips, just announced the availability of the USB Power Delivery (PD) Controller IC – EJ888, based on the USB-IF’s USB Power Delivery Rev. 1.0 specification, which enables USB power delivery from 10 watts to 100 watts, and significantly reduces device charging time. The device implements a Battery Charging 1.2 interface.

For early market engagement, Etron’s latest USB Power Delivery Controller IC EJ888 is based on the USB Power Delivery Rev. 1.0 specification. In addition, it supports USB-IF Battery Charging 1.2 for any portable device. The EJ888 Chip enables higher voltage and current in order to deliver power up to 100 watts, with 20V to the full 5A, via USB. Utilizing bi-directional power delivery, EJ188 automatically detects current sources and sinks, and performs a negotiated handshake via VBus. It allows users to access simple Plug-and-Charge via USB and meets the needs of USB PD developers,” said Dr. Nicky Lu, Etron Technology Chairman & CEO.

At the moment no more information are available, but  Etron will display and demonstrate its cutting-edge EJ888 at CES 2014 from January 7th to 10th. Looking for more informations.



CHY100 from Power Integration: first component compatible with Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0

September 13, 2013

In the previous post I introduced the Qualcomm® Quick Charge technology as competitor of the Usb Power Delivery in the rush to find faster and safer battery charge solutions. And we mentioned the CHY100 from Power Integration as the first component in the market compliant with this proprietary technology.

As in the Power Integration announcement: “…Used in combination with Power Integrations’ AC-DC switcher ICs, the CHY100 incorporates all the necessary elements required to add Quick Charge 2.0 functionality to AC-DC wall chargers. The CHY100 detects commands from a Quick Charge 2.0-enabled device, such as a cellphone handset, and adjusts the output of the AC-DC wall charger to enable increased power delivery to the device’s battery. …

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Alternative to USB-Power Delivery: Qualcomm® Quick Charge Technology

September 4, 2013

Every user of portable devices dreams to recharge batteries much faster preserving the battery life and integrity. Driven by this market demand, many charge solutions are entering the mobile market with new technologies, outstanding performances and different levels of standardization and complexity.

In my blog, I already posted a lot about USB Power Delivery. This is for sure the solution offering the highest level of standardization, flexibility and performances. But at the moment no product available and the related ecosystem (cables, connectors) not yet available.

quick-charge In competition with USB Power Delivery, the Qualcomm® Quick Charge technology constitutes a simpler and viable alternative. Using the USB port, this technology enables a simple but efficient way to negotiate the voltage, the delivered current and the power limits between battery device and charger.


Currently Qualcomm offers a family components based on the 1.0 Quick charge version and up to 70 products are ready to manage this technology with  dedicated PMIC.  The 1.0 version delivers up to 2.5A with a proprietary negotiation on the USB port pins to Automatic Power Source Detection (APSD) and Automatic Input Current Limit (AICL). The second generation (2.0) is a step forward in terms of power performances and additional features to improve robustness and flexibility, in primis the Automatic Input Voltage Detection (AIVD) and High Voltage Dedicated Charging Port (HVDCP) . In this case you can deliver up to 60W to recharge the battery of your portable device.

CHY100_family Qualcomm says “We anticipate that devices and wall chargers with Quick Charge 2.0 will be available for purchase by early 2014; all smartphones and tablets with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor will have Quick Charge 2.0. Snapdragon 800 processors are an entire system-on-a-chip and feature a CPU, GPU, DSP, LTE Modem and much more, enabling UltraHD video, high-end 3D gaming, 7.1 surround sound, and up to 55 Megapixel image captures, so being able to quick charge means less time charging and more time doing!“.

Partner of Qualcomm on this technology, Power Integrations announced recently the CHY100,  a Quick Charge 2.0 solution to cover wall charger and AC/DC applications. Next post will be dedicated to this device in order to better understand the Quick Charge 2.0 standard from device specifications.


New USB Power Delivery Specifications

July 4, 2013

New USB Power Delivery Specification (Rev. 1.0, Version 1.2, Including Errata through June 26, 2013) has been just released. Check it out.

More details will follow.



1st Post

March 11, 2013

primi passi   

   I don’t know if there’s the right way to start a  blog.

   I don’t know  howto  create a great blog.

   I don’t even  know  if I have something special to write.


  … Sometime it’s better to start with the first step.