New Family of USB Power Delivery Controllers from Microchip

June 19, 2014

PR_UPD1001-7x5Finally Microchip announces the first device of a new family of USB Power Delivery Controllers, the UPD1001.

The new device is a highly flexible and configurable solution that supports the 5 USB-IF standard UPD power profiles plus an additional 25 UPD-compliant profiles for a total of 30 profiles supported by a single chip. This will allow designers to select the optimum power profiles in order to meet their specific application requirements.


  • Support 5 defined USBPD power profiles + 25 additional user’s defined profiles
  • Fully integrated. Microprocessor and USBPD controller
  • Offering integrated ADC for Voltage/current  monitoring
  • Coming with a ready-to-use UPD1001 Evaluation Kit (part # EVB-UPD100).  It integrates everything you need for a USB Power Delivery provider.
  • Delivered in Consumer (0°C to +70°C),  Industrial (-40°C to +85°C) and Automotive  (-40°C to +105°C) grade



  • Only provider, meaning not supporting  swap features. Looking at the published UPD100x family roadmap, we should wait for the UPD1002 to have the role swap available.
  • Compliant with USBPD v1.2. We are currently at v1.3
  • Not clear the level of flexibility and programmability



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