USB Power Delivery at the Intel IDF13 in San Francisco

September 30, 2013

I attended in San Francisco the Intel Development Forum 2013 (IDF13).

My interest was obviously for the USB Power Delivery and my target was to establish new contacts with the USB-PD players and to collect information of new or incoming products.


The IDF13 exhibition reserved space for companies presenting USB solutions. And I was surprised and happy to see many big players unveiling USB Power Solutions and demos. This is a sign that the USB-PD is not anymore a interesting and promising solution but a concrete and touchable technology to improve charging performances of next generation battery operated devices. The availability of silicon samples and solutions will convince end users of PC, Peripherals, tablet and mobile devices to evaluate and adopt this new technology. Soon products based on USB-PD will appear in the shops, most probably end of 2014.

Without disclosing confidential and sensitive information, here the short list of solutions showed at the IDF13 in San Francisco.

Rohm Semiconductor showed a complete USB Power Solution based on a USB-PD controller BD92191 and a dedicated AD/DC controller to implement a full USB-PD charger device. A real demo based of this solution was available at the Rohm booth. Microchip, even if out of the USB area, announced with a poster the availability of the UPD1000, a complete USB-PD controller. More demos based on discrete implementation of the analog front-end and an FPGA for digital and SW layers were available at the booths of Renesas Electronics and Cypress.

As far as I know, there are no datasheets or public documentation available for the above solutions. I will monitor the web for any news or additional details.



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