USB Power Delivery Showcase from INTEL

July 11, 2013

At the Technology Showcase at IDF Beijing, INTEL demonstrated a typical application of the USB Power Delivery feature: a portable PC delivering through a USB2.0 connection video streaming at 480Mbit/s (not really a big deal) and at the same time the power to supply a LCD monitor.


Thanks to this article of Mads Oelhom, we can see the picture of the demo and get more details:  “when the laptop is connected to a USB power brick it will power the monitor, but when the laptop switches to battery mode, the display automatically turns off. The new USB power delivery scheme needs just one cord to the monitor, as the USB cable supports both the display information traffic and power delivery“.

The demo is built using prototype boards but INTEL is said to work at a USB-PD reference design for notebook applications. To be monitored.

Keep following.


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