USB Power Delivery – A System Point of View

May 18, 2013

The emerging USB Power delivery standard opens new and exciting scenarios in the consumer market. It will change the way we are dealing daily with our portable devices. We will charge much faster our tablet, smartphone or supply our portable PC or USB interfaces without any secondary energy source. All with a standard connector, as the European Union is requiring. Our life is going to be simplified!CHARGER_CONNECTORS

This welcome and long waited feature will have anyhow a deep impact in the architecture of the power manager of each device, like  battery operated devices, tablet, smartphone, USB peripherals, monitors and chargers. And more important, each device in this scenario requires dedicated approaches and implementations with different level of integration.

In this sense, it can be useful to consider the following categorization:

  1. Battery operated and complex devices, like smartphones, tablets, portable PCs, cameras
  2. USB peripherals, like external hard disks, printers
  3. No-USB peripherals with <100W power consumption like monitors, toys and gadgets
  4. Power supply devices like wall chargers, power bricks.

The above groups reveals different system specifications and needs. The adoption of the USB Power delivery features will impact differently. It will be interesting analyse each group to understand possible trends, system partitioning and technology solutions.

Stay tuned…


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