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HowTo qualify an USB Power Delivery PHY

April 23, 2013

As far as I know, no USB Power Delivery products are available on the market and no standard or ASSP ICs can be found yet. Most  probably the major semiconductor companies are hard working to deliver soon solutions for this new standard and fabless semiconductor companies are ready to offer dedicated IP (e.g. CT20660 from Canova Tech).

USB EYEAs any USB product, compliance and interoperability tests should be performed in order to grant the requested level of compatibility with any compliant solution. The USB-IF defines a Compliance Program that provides reasonable measures of acceptability. Products that pass this level of acceptability are added to the Integrators List. You can check the  USB-IF Compliance Updates webpage for any news and update.

Two ways are available to have your product in this Integration List:

  1. participating in the USB-IF Sponsored Compliance Workshops
  2. contacting one of the Independent Test Labs.

Please check the website for more information.

Before submitting your products to compliance tests, it’s important and warmly encouraged by the USB-IF itself to run internally tests procedure to validate the solution. Normally the USB-IF delivers for any USB standard a list of test procedures and a test setup description to validate your design and debug it with a standard set of tests. This is very important and really crucial for new designs, especially in the case of a new USB standard without available alternative solutions to make comparisons and interoperability tests.

Unfortunately, up to day the USB-IF did not release yet the test procedures for the USB-PD delivery and there is no date for the delivery of such documentation.  See below the extract on the USB Power delivery page:

Compliance testing for products conforming to the Power Delivery Specification and the related Power Delivery icons are currently under development. More details to be added here later.”

Well, the USB-PD icon delivering is less important. Agreed.

I will continuously check the USB-IF webpage for any news and and I’m constantly  looking for any alternative and viable way to perform in-house preliminary compliance tests.

Keep tuned.


Interview with S.Carlsen, commitee member for USB Power Delivery standardization

April 3, 2013

After my recent posts (USB-PD IntroPHYProtocol Layer) about USB Power Delivery, I had the chance to come in touch with great people and I started with them interesting and promising discussions. In the early phases of any new emerging technology it’s always important to build a wide network of  interest, competences and contributions.


In this sense, it is a pleasure to introduce Sten Carlsen, a member of the standardization committee of the USB-PD. Having covered this active role, Sten can help to better understand the new standard and read it out of the specification. Below the interview I had with him.

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